"Will my daughter know me when I see her again?"

“Will my daughter know me when I see her again?”

I lost my first daughter Wendy, she was 18 months, beautiful little girl died in a tragic accident. My question in her short life will she know me?


You’ve expressed a concern that many bereaved parents I do readings for have… that their child will age on the Other Side and will be unrecognizable as “middle-aged” by the time they see them again. I’ve even heard other mediums make the same claim, that children do age in the hereafter.

The truth is, according to the souls, even the souls who passed as children, they progress in wisdom and understanding of who they are, but that they don’t “age.” So when you see your daughter again when it’s your time to return home, you will see her as you last saw her, and I’m sure you’ll be able to hold her in your arms again, the way you did when she was still here.

Keep in mind that we mark time while we’re here, but to your daughter, it’ll be like a blink of an eye since she last saw you.