"Why I have I stopped receiving signs from my loved one on the Other Side?"

“Why I have I stopped receiving signs from my loved one on the Other Side?”

Have my signs stopped because I am so enveloped in my grief?


The purpose of a “sign” is to let you know that your loved one is alive and still with you, a part of your life. They’re also meant to guide you, helping you move forward in your grief. If a soul sees that the signs they’re sending you are keeping you mired where you are, they’ll stop sending them; not as a punishment though, but to help you stand on your own two feet, and learn the lessons you’re supposed to learn.

Typically, when signs stop according to the souls, it’s because you’ve become dependent on them. The souls of our loved ones know what we need, when we need it, and when signs can hurt instead of help us. I’ve met people who became so dependent on signs from the hereafter they were unable to even get out of bed unless they received some sort of message from their loved ones. This is exactly what the souls do not want.

Please keep in mind that this doesn’t mean that your loved one(s) is too busy to be with you. I have heard them say many times, in the sessions with the grieving, “I’m always here for you when you need me. Just don’t make it a full-time job.”

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