"Why haven't I received a sign?"

“Why haven’t I received a sign?”

Everyone that I have been reading gets signs. Bobby has been gone since 10/4/13 and I have nothing. He is just gone. I feel stuck and can not move forward. I feel like I’m waiting for him. I’ve been making bargins & of course nothing.

How can I get him to give me a sign?

I talk to him constantly. I’m going crazy. Please respond.


I can understand how frustrated you must feel when it looks as though “everyone” is receiving signs from their loved ones in the hereafter but you. I’ve been told it makes you wonder if your loved one is okay, or if they still love you. I can assure you that the answer to both questions is, “Yes.”

The souls are able to communicate with you from the moment they pass over, and they do so for a number of reasons. One of them is to destroy the myth that everything ends with death. They also want to give you hope and encouragement to keep putting one foot in front of the other in your journey through grief, so that you’ll persevere until the day comes when you’ll be reunited in a world of  bliss and peace.

So why is it that some people don’t seem to receive signs?

Let me say, right off the bat, that the souls of your loved ones know you want, and need, to hear from them. They also want you to know that they are happy and that you will be reunited when it’s your time to go back home. They also know when the right time to send you a sign is, and in a way that is best for you.

I have a friend named Debbie who lost her best friend in a hit and run “accident” several years before. When we met, she knew what I do, but never said a word about Eric. I knew her for a couple of months when I was visiting her at her home and he came through for her while we were watching television. Afterwards, Debbie told me that she was so depressed that she seriously considered taking her own life at one point.

The next day I was taking a shower Eric showed up again to thank me for being the bridge that allowed him to communicate with Debbie. “Why did you wait so long to talk to her?” I asked him.

“She wasn’t ready,” he answered.

When I tell people this story I often hear, “But I am ready.” My impression is that what they’re saying is that they’re ready for a sign in  a way that they want to receive it.

The truth is that the souls have never stopped talking to us here on earth, and you don’t need a “medium.” or to be one, to hear them. Their communications come in many forms, and not necessarily in the way we may want them to, but in a way that they know is best for you. Signs may come in the form of words that come to us in dreams or visitations. Or they may seem like random events or coincidences that we easily dismiss, but are meant to let you know that your loved one is still with you, or to bring your attention to something specific you need to think about. They may also come to you in the form of a person who comes into your life, someone who can make a real difference in the way you live or think.

We’re not alone no matter how much it may feel that way. They know exactly what will help keep you on your path, learning the lessons you’re here to learn, keeping the fire of hope burning with you. The souls work hard to create opportunities and circumstances to make the journey through grief a little easier for their love ones to travel.

For that reason they send us carefully chosen signs which may not be as obvious as seeing a cloud in the sky, or a heart-shaped stone, but may just be through someone who writes a blog answering questions from those who are grieving.