“Why does God allow suffering?”

Hi Anthony I was just wondering the quote you put up about God ….why does god let good people and workers suffer and die? ..xx

Why would he allow my partner to suffer the death he suffered and for our son who is autistic to struggle and become such a violent 19 year old. Every day he begs me for his dad and because I can’t give him what he wants he becomes hysterical. …He used to be such a laid bk calm boy ..I just don’t think it’s fair. The only reason I’m still here for now is for are son.


Hi Lynne,

I wish I had a good answer for you, one that would take your pain and grief away, but I don’t. One reason is that grief is the price we all pay for love. They are also as varied as there are people, and vary with each person who goes through it.


According to the souls, we all choose to come here knowing that this life will not be an easy one, and that suffering of all kinds come as part of the package. But we willingly do so because of the lessons we come here to learn,  and there sometimes our spiritual progress can only come from what can only be learned in our hurting. The reasons for our torment may not make sense until we do our life review, but I’ve been promised by the souls I’ve heard from, that they will make sense.


Why does God allow suffering?  I’m going through a very difficult time myself lately and, as the souls are constantly telling me, God cannot interfere. Interfering and stopping the hurt we must all endure would take away from the lessons we came here to learn… lessons of love, that can only be learned this way. In other words, there is a purpose for everything that happens in our lives, and we have to find what that is so that we may grow spiritually from it.


The flip side of that is that there is also a reward for the suffering we endure the best we can. In fact, I’ve never heard a soul regret anything that happened to them while they were here. As more than one soul has said, “It all comes together so beautifully.”


I can assure that your partner is not suffering where he is now, and is always with, helping you to put one foot in front of the other in your journey, until that day you are all reunited once again.