"Why do we feel an instant connection to some people?"

“Why do we feel an instant connection to some people?”

Anthony, when you meet someone and feel an instant attraction to their energy… a feeling of familiarity… could that mean you’re meeting someone who is traveling in your “circle,” the folks you are supposed to meet up with? It doesn’t happen often… but it is quite profound when it does. You hear something in their voice that is comforting… like a sweet memory… but you know you’ve never met before.



Kathi, why couldn’t you have asked an easier question, like, “Can you explain Quantum Mechanics?”

First we have to start with the idea that the souls say that we each have been here more than once before. We come here to learn a specific lesson that enables us to understand our divinity and our relationship with the Eternal Light of Love.

The lessons are as varied as the souls themselves. It might be to learn humility, serving humanity, experiencing wealth, poverty, or giving and receiving love. Whatever the reason, we decide to return here only after a great deal of time spent on the Other Side with people whom we lived  with on earth – people who touched our lives and whose life was touched by ours. Even though we might have shared a connection with someone in a earlier incarnation here on earth, we could very well have different relationships and connections this go round. Adversaries become lovers, parent and child becomes student and teacher, brothers and sisters become mortal enemies.

Upon arriving here our memory of the Other Side and the lesson we came here to learn is wiped out, but we are still connected to those we were with in a previous life, and in the hereafter, before we returned here. It’s a connection we feel that can’t be explained by earth’s standards, because its spiritual.

This is what the souls mean when they talk about soul mates. It may or may not be in the context of a romantic relationship but at a very basic and spiritual level, you’ve encountered someone with whom you were connected to, are connected to, and will be connected to, for eternity.