"Why are some babies never born?"

“Why are some babies never born?”

My twins would be 27 but I had miscarried before they were ever born. How will we know each other when we reunite, if we never saw each other ? And why are some babies never born, why do we miscarry ?

The souls say that a physical body has life because a soul lives within it. When a soul recognizes  that a physical body to be born will be the perfect vehicle, and give the chance it needs to learn a specific lesson here on earth, it chooses to enter it. For reasons known only to a particular soul, and that only they can understand, it may choose not to enter the body. Since the developing body cannot survive without a soul, the result is a still-born birth. In other words, it’s exactly the same as a soul leaving a body at the end of its life here on earth.
A miscarriage occurs when the body inside the womb of the mother is unable to be used as a vehicle necessary for the soul to fulfill a specific spiritual journey. Even so, the souls of miscarriages or still-born children will appear to a family during a session (at least with me). They may or may not be recognized, but in the hereafter, they still consider themselves to be a son or daughter just as much as if the birth cycle had been completed, and they were a part of the family talking to me, calling their parents “mom,” and “dad.”
They are still your children. You will be reunited again.