"Why am I here?"

“Why am I here?”

Last night, I was wide awake wondering why I’m here in Columbus, Ohio. “How does this fit into the big picture?” I kept asking over, and over, again.

Then this morning I read a story about a woman named Barbara, a violin player, who often moved her audiences to tears (in a good way). She played a Stradivarius violin which she sold her house in order to buy.

When I read that I realized why Jesus asked me what he asked to do.

It is said that “all healing occurs outside the safety zone.” In the same way, success and extraordinary beauty are born of leaps of faith. I was being asked if I were willing to give up my desire to be comfortable and safe in order to fulfill my mission of helping people understand that life doesn’t end and love never dies. That is what I was saying yes to.

I learned this morning that when your heart is intent on living your dream you will gladly let go of everything that is unlike the dream in order to manifest your vision.