What the Souls Say about Suicide

What the Souls Say about Suicide

A woman I’ll call Darlene came to see me on Monday. Even though she booked a medium session with me, she wasn’t sure that’s what she needed. “I just felt compelled to call you. I don’t know why, but it was like the spirits wanted me to talk to you.”

The last time I saw her was probably 3 years ago. Since that time she divorced a man who was mentally and emotionally abusing her, telling her she wasn’t lovable which, unfortunately, she believed. She told me that since her divorce she tried to take her own life twice in two weeks. The first time she was saved by, ironically enough, her ex-husband. The second time she told me that she knew God was telling her that this wasn’t the right thing to do, so she took steps to get help after she took an overdose of pills.

Since she didn’t book an appointment to help her with her grief over losing someone she loved, I felt the souls wanted me to help her deal with her distress over being alive. I shared with her a little of what the souls have told me about suicide, and I thought I’d share the same with you in this post.

Whenever someone comes across who has taken their own life, one of the ways I know is that their energy is as heavy at it gets. After doing a number of readings in which victims of suicide have come through, I’ve come to understand that suicide is a disease that slowly erodes the person’s will to live. For most of us, when we experience times that make us question how much more we can take, we respond by developing ways of coping until the pain passes, or we overcome whatever obstacles are in our way.

For these precious souls however, they just don’t seem to be able to do that. I don’t think it’s because of a weakness in their character. In fact, it may be the opposite … they may just be too good for this world. Whatever the reason, they aren’t able to develop the protective barrier around themselves that they need to withstand the trials and tribulations we must all face during our life here. When this happens they choose to learn the lessons they need in a world of peace.

I have never had a soul that chose this route say that they regretted their decision, but every one of them cautioned their loved ones against doing the same. Why? Because the lessons are so much easier to learn here.

Darlene wanted to take her own life because she felt unlovable. She married a man who constantly reinforced this belief. (Personally, I think she picked a man she knew at a subconscious level would do that for her.) The lesson she’s meant to learn, is that she is lovable. She was created by the Eternal Light of Love who finds her impossible not to love, especially in her darkest moments. If she were successful in either one of her attempts, she would still  have to learn why she’s lovable, ironically, in an environment in which she is surrounded, and supported by God’s love. In other words, she’ll find herself overwhelmed by love, not knowing why, because she crossed over not believing she was worthy of being loved. Not only that, but she’ll have to learn why without the benefit of anyone getting in her face.

What I did with Darlene on Monday was to have her question whether she truly was unlovable. “I see you the same way God sees all of his children,” I told her. “I see you as perfect, just the way you are. What’s not to love?” I then helped her find all the reasons she is lovable. She left our appointment shining with joy and hope.

“Doesn’t God punish people who committed suicide?” I’ve been asked. I’m happy to say, “Absolutely not. In fact, God seems to hold them closer in hs love.” You see, God doesn’t make mistakes, but understands when we do. Suicide is a mistake, I’ve been told by the souls, and it’s one they hope that this post will help people avoid making.

If you’re reading this, and you’re contemplatinig taking your own life, it may just be because someone on the Other Side whom you love, and who loves you, brought you to this site, to read this post. Please, follow Darlene’s example and reach out to someone. As I told her, “You still have lessons to learn. You have work to do.”

“How do you know?” she asked me.

“Because your still breathing.”.


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