"What is the reunion in the hereafter like?"

“What is the reunion in the hereafter like?”

Have you ever talked with a soul that reunited with their child to tell you what it was like to see their child again? What it was like for both? Just wondered.


Several years ago I was asked to donate a reading for an auction at an event being held to raise money for a woman named Ann who had breast cancer. I said that I’d not only do that, but that I’d go one further… I offered to do a reading for the woman. People are often surprised when I tell them that people who are terminally ill, who want to know what they can expect when their time comes, book a reading with me. I was told that Ann probably wouldn’t agree to it since she didn’t believe in life after death. Much to their surprise, she agreed.

I did her reading the day of the party, and her aunt came through for her. Ann validated many of the messages except for the one when I told her that her aunt was saying that, “There’s going to be party in your honor in three weeks.”

“I don’t know of any party other than the one tonight,” Ann told me.

“Well, she’s telling me that there’s going to be another party in three weeks, and that everyone who is going to be there is excited about it. She’s telling me that you’re the guest of honor.”

Ann looked at me and shrugged her shoulders.

“I hope I didn’t just blow a surprise party that’s going to be given for you,” I told her.

Twenty two days later, Ann transitioned over to the Other Side and, I’m sure, was surprised by the second party being given in her honor. I was invited to attend the memorial given for Ann, and her father said, not knowing about the reading, that he had never seen her as peaceful as she was in the last three weeks of her life.

There are a couple of things we can learn from this reading. First of all, as the souls are always saying, the timing of our transition to the hereafter is not an accident; the only variable is the circumstance by which it will happen.

Secondly, our loved ones will be waiting to greet us when it is our time, and that when it does happen, its a joyous occasion as far as they are concerned. Death is only devastating to those still living.

If Ann’s aunt was so excited that she couldn’t resist hinting to Ann that her time to come back home was near, how exciting do you think it is for souls who are awaiting their parents, children, siblings and friends return?

So, yes, I have heard souls tell their loved ones during a reading that when they crossed over they were reunited with those they loved who had gone before them, and they have always said that it was as though the last time they saw each other was just a moment before. For that reason, they are always encouraging us to be patient, to do the best we can, and keep putting one foot in front of the other during our journey through grief. They also want us to know that we will be together, reunited, with those we love, and who loved us, when we have learned the lessons we came here to learn, and have taught the lessons we came here to teach. And when that happens, it’s not only a reunion, it’s party time on the Other Side!

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