What is Heaven, or "the Other Side" like?

What is Heaven, or “the Other Side” like?

This is a question I’ve been asked a lot lately. In this post, I’ll tell you what the souls have to say about Heaven.

Thanksgiving Day, 2009. My sisters, Meridith and Nadine went to St John of God’s in Los Angeles to bring our mom and dad food from our island. Both my mother and father were in the same hospital ward, so Meridith went to get my mother to bring her to my father’s room. Nadine was talking to my father and noticed he wasn’t really payinig attention to her but staring off to the right at the ceiling.

“Dad,” she asked him, “what are you looking at?”

Our father looked at her and said, “I’ve been there before, baby. I don’t know when, and I don’t know how, but I’ve been there before.” He went back to staring off until Meridith brought our mother to his room. They ate dinner. The next morning, staff found my father was no longer with us.

When Nadine told me this story she asked me, “What do you think he saw?”

“Home,” I told her.

I’ve heard souls talk about “home” in ways that are very personal to them, however, there are similarities in what they describe. One of the first things they want us to know is that “Heaven” isn’t somewhere above the clouds, but very close to us, vibrating at a much higher level, the same way that light molecules vibrate at a  higher level than they do when it’s dark.

Speaking of “light,” they talk of an existence in which, since there’s no need for sleep, Love’s light never stops shining. Everything is vibrantly alive; and the colors are extremely vivid.

They constantly say that on the Other Side, suffering, pain, and punishment do not exist. I know that this won’t sit well with those who believe in a god, who is loving and forgiving, except when you offend his ego, or break his “rules,” but all I can tell you is that the souls insist that “hell” doesn’t exist. They say that there is nothing we can do that would cause God to stop loving us. [Now, that doesn’t mean we have the freedom to break God’s law, but I’ll discuss this in the next post.]

The souls have told me that the whole idea of “resting in peace” is laughable since they are all so busy there. Doing what? It depends on the soul, but whatever they choose to do is a reflection of what they love and the lessons they need to learn to go even deeper into the Light. I have heard that everything they do is done with incredible joy. One of my favorite examples is when my friend Camille’s father came through during a reading. He loved ice cream when he was here, and often complained that the size of the ice cream cones he was served wasn’t big enough. When he came through he told her he had an ice cream stand, and gave LARGE ice cream cones out to whomever wanted one.

When Carrie, the daughter of my friend, and colleague, Natalie Smith-Blakeslee, came through, she told her mother she was teaching children on the Other Side how to swim, something she loved doing while she was here. Hearing this made Natalie weep, knowing that her daughter was doing something that was so important to her while she was still here.

One thing that surprised me was hearing, over and over again, that whatever you felt you needed in order to be happy here, but never had, can be yours in Heaven. If you always wanted to live in a mansion, you’ll be able to create one, and live in it, until you’re able to give up this desire, and move on to more important things, like a closer relationship with God.

Community is the very heart of life on the Other Side. You and your loved ones will be together again, spending your time in a life of love that far surpasses what you felt for each other here.

Pets are an another important part of life in Heaven. When my cat, Albert, passed after being with me for 22 years, my sister Nadine and I were laughing at the managerie of animal that our mother and father were already taking care of, when all of a sudden, Albert shows up at their home. I have several “furry children” that I’m looking forward to seeing, and loving on again, when I’m back home.

I cannot come close to describing what’s been described in sessions by the souls about our “home.” The more I write, the more I realize how feeble my attempt has been. So I’m going to quit while I’m behind. Please keep in mind that what I’ve described is nothing more than a dim reflection of the reality that awaits us when we return back home.



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