“What if suicide is the ONLY option I have?”


I am very interested in a reading, but I  would like to ask you a question or two. Do you do the reading yourself or is it computer generated? I do not mean to offend you but there are people out there who are less than honest. Second question, what if some one came to you and beyond a shadow of a doubt showed you that suicide was the best if not the only way to deal with their situation. This is only a hypothetical situation but if it were true would you help them cross over?

This has nothing to do with the reading I want, it’s to see if I’m dealing with you or a computer,  and again I apologize if I have offended you I look forward to your response.

Name withheld



First of all, I want to say that I’m not at all offended by anything you’ve written, but I will admit, I’ve never heard of any computer generated readings that supposedly come from the souls on the Other Side! Numerology, astrology readings, that sort of thing, yes, but not the readings I do. People come to me hoping to hear that their loved ones who have crossed over are okay. I can tell you this, without doing a reading, they are. But anyone can read a New Age book and tell you that.


My job, and the purpose of a session with me, or any legitimate medium is to provide evidence that you are hearing from your loved one who has crossed over. That’s all we can do. We cannot tell you whether who your soul mate is, whether you should stay in the job you’re in or leave, marry or divorce, etc. The reason is that neither the Eternal Light of Love nor the souls cannot interfere with the lessons you’re here to learn.


Having said that, with regards to suicide, while the souls I have heard from often have all said that it’s not the “unforgivable sin” most religions portray it is, it’s not the “best” or “only” solution no matter how bleak things may seem. One of the things I’ve heard is that when they do their life review, they see the lesson that was there to be learned and that there is always another option.


Those who cross themselves over do not need “help” reaching the Other Side, as they are always welcomed with love and compassion by the Beautiful One whose very name is Mercy. Once there they are given the time they need to rest and heal.


Having said that, I do want to say that it’s not something I recommend anyone do. The reason is because we are all here to learn and teach certain lessons that are more easily learned and taught here. Why? Because life gets in our face. A grain of wheat faces one of three futures. It might be placed in a sack, dumped in a stall until it’s fed to swine. It might be ground into flour and made into bread. Or it might be placed into the ground and allowed to grow until it produces a thousand grains like itself.


Our growth happens in the darkness of our failures, despairs, ignorance, and feelings of helplessness. So what do the souls suggest we do from their vantage point of seeing everything from the perspective of the hereafter. That we do whatever we can to find hope in the situation we’re in, and to hold that possibility with all the strength we can muster. That everything that happens to us happens for a reason, and that we grow from what happens if we can hang on.


Sooner or later, the time will come when we all leave this earth and return back home where we belong. If you can just hang on until then, even if it’s by the skin of your teeth, the suffering you’re going through now will be a distant memory, but the rewards, the joy and peace you’ll receive for having gone through it, will far surpass your wildest imaginings.