"What happens if my spouse dies, and I remarry?"

“What happens if my spouse dies, and I remarry?”

 toAnthony, I’ve always been curious, what if one spouse dies and the other remarries…what kind of reunion would they have when they die? What about when the second spouse dies as well, and all three are reunited?


When you asked this question the souls reminded me of some sessions I’ve done. One was with a man whose wife was coming through and told him that she wanted him to fall in love again. “But it’s only been ten months,” he told me, with tears in his eyes.

“And it may be ten years before you meet someone else, but she’s giving you the ‘green light’ to go ahead and fall in love again.”

I did a session for a woman who’s mother came through and scolded her and her sisters for being angry with their father that he had fallen in love again after her passing. “I don’t want him to be alone,” she said. “More than anything, I want him to be happy, and you know that he doesn’t do well being alone. He’s happy. I’m happy for him. Why can’t you be happy for him too? He’s not being unfaithful to me. I’m the one who brought her to him so they could meet!”

One woman’s husband, who had passed away from a massive coronary seven years before, told his wife, “Don’t think for a moment that if you meet someone and fall in love with him, that you’ll be betraying me.”

She told me that just two days before a mutual friend of her and her husband told her, “There’s someone I want to introduce you to, but I don’t want to betray Jake (her husband)!”

Then there was a session in which I told a woman that the love of her life wanted her to move on and fall in love again. “He’d never tell me that. He wouldn’t want me to fall in love with someone else.”

“Well, yeah,” I said, “he does.”

Just recently I did a session with a woman in which I said, “You’re mother and father were divorced?”


“But they’ve both passed away?”


“Okay, then what you’re father just said makes sense.  He wants you to know that they’ve reconciled and are ‘united’ again on the Other Side.”

“That’s hard to believe,” she told me. “They hated each other while they were alive.”

I shrugged my shoulders. “They seem to have gotten over that.”

Love is the rule, not the exception, in the hereafter. We come here to learn lessons in love so that we can experience, more fully, the Eternal Light of Love, on the Other Side. The souls say that where they are, love reigns supreme. Just as grudges and resentments retard our spiritual growth here, they do so there as well. So much so, that the souls realize very quickly that there’s no sense in holding on to anything that isn’t love.

Having learned this, they want us to know this as well. They know that every experience we have here serves the purpose of teaching us how to love more deeply, and if part of that journey means that you’ll fall in love, and remarry, they are all for it!

It’s love that unites us here, and love will reunite us there. I did a session for a woman who had been married 6 times, twice to the same man. All of them had passed away, and all of them showed up during the session! Now only did they show up, they told her that they all knew each other and what brought  them together was their love for her.

She told me that she was afraid that they might meet and that there might have been some jealousy or resentment between them.  They assured her that it was exactly the opposite. Jealousy is the by-product of fear, and where there is love there is no fear. Again, on the Other Side, love is the rule, no exceptions.

“So who will be there to greet me when it’s my time?” she wondered out loud.

“All of us,” was their reply.