What Happens After We Die?

What Happens After We Die?

I used to have a tee shirt that said, “It’s not that life is so short … it’s just that death is so long!” Even the souls find that idea funny. According to them, death is but a moment, like walking through an open door from one room to another. What happens after that?

This may surprise you to hear this, but according to the souls who have come through during countless sessions I’ve done, the hardest part of the process is coming to terms with the idea that they’ve actually passed away!

Why would this be the case?

Because they feel so alive. Whatever they were dealing with before they died is no longer an issue for them. Anger, resentment, fear, bitterness, suffering – all  gone, replaced by peace, and joy. People who were at each other’s throats in this life reconcile with one another in the next. Love and forgiveness reign supreme on the Other Side.

That doesn’t mean every thing is honky dory when a soul gets to the Other Side. Some of them just aren’t ready when it happens. I’ll talk about how God deals with these souls in a future post in this series.

There is a “period of adjustment” that occurs after the moment of death. Depending on your beliefs, or lack thereof, about what’s “supposed” to happen after you die, you need something familiar to help you orient yourself. Many souls have told me that they realized what happened after seeing their loved ones who passsed before them waiting to greet them with love, smiles, and open arms.

One man, who died an atheist, told his wife he saw his favorite hunting dog, who was barking, wanting his owner to follow him. His dog led him to his mother, father, and brother, all of whom died years before.

Parents have been told in sessions with me that their babies, who may not recognize relatives such as grandparents, are sent, by God, bunny rabbits and puppies, which they follow to the loving arms of their relatives.

Once a soul has adjusted to it’s new surroundings, and reality, what comes next is what the souls call, “The Life Review.” I’ll talk about that in “What Happens After We Die – Part Three.” In my next post, I’ll talk about “Heaven’s Receiving Station.”





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