"What does the hereafter say about abortion?"

“What does the hereafter say about abortion?”

Anthony, I am curious about something, and it is not intended to offend anyone. We live in what seems to me, a disposable society . If something is not convenient just get rid of it. Has God, or the Souls, ever conveyed to you anything about abortion?

I know a couple grappling with a tough situation, it just sparked my curiosity.

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This is such a hotly debated issue that I want to state up front that my answer is coming from what I’ve learned from those on the Other Side.

In all of the readings I’ve done, neither the Eternal Light of Love, or the souls, have ever judged a woman for her decision to terminate a pregnancy, nor have they encouraged decisions to do so. They do try to discourage abortion because souls are looking for the opportunity to come here to come here to continue their spiritual  growth. What they do say is important to remember is that they understand why a woman might choose to do what she feels she must do.

In readings in which the soul of a terminated pregnancy comes through they tell the mother that they understand why she made the decision to do what she did. While they would have liked to have had the chance to be born into that particular  destiny, there will be other opportunities.

I think it would be wise to follow the lead of the souls and the Eternal Light of Love and show compassion, instead of judging women facing this very difficult decision.

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