"What do the souls say about 'soul mates?'"

“What do the souls say about ‘soul mates?'”

I have a question. If a young person that passes hasn’t found their soul mate on earth, will they find them in heaven?  Just wondering.


Hi Deborah,

First of all I’d like to talk about what most people mean when they refer to “soul mates,” and then talk about, as a medium, what the souls say about “soul mates.”

These days when people refer to “soul mates” they are talking about the idea that there is one, and only one person that we are destined to be with. In other words, “a love that comes along once in a lifetime,” which I’m thinking is the basis of your question.

The souls talk about “soul mates” in an entirely different way. They talk about our soul mates as being those who are connected to us before we come here, while we’re here, and after we return to the hereafter.

In other words they talk about our soul mates as being those souls whose life touched ours, and whose life we touched, but not just in this lifetime, but lifetimes we’ve shared before. We were together in a previous life to learn from a specific journey, we grew spiritually, returned to the hereafter, and now we’re back here on earth, together. While the roles we play together may change (someone who was our spouse in a previous life may be a parent to us in this life) we are soul mates in that we share a connection that goes far beyond this life – what we share is a life that is eternal.

The souls insist that what’s important is not that we find our “one and only,” our one “true love,” while we’re here. It’s nice to have someone like that in our lives, if that’s what our destiny holds for us. What is important is that we learn the lesson we came here to learn so that we can reap the rewards of our efforts on the Other Side with our true soul mates, all those we love, who love us back.