"What do the souls say about innocent lives taken?"

“What do the souls say about innocent lives taken?”

What do the souls say about innocent lives taken? When a soul chooses to come back? Do they forget the families they were part of before or how does that work? I rarely feel my brother who passed when he was 20 is around, but my third son resembles him and has so many characteristics. Any insight on this would be helpful in understanding.



I’ll be the first to admit that when I hear of a child who passes, or someone who loses their life at the hands of another during a reading, I tend to become emotional.

I ask the souls why someone would transition at the hands of another. The one thing that they keep stressing is the no one comes here with their life plan being, “I’m going to do this horrific act,” or “I’m going to lose my life because of someone else.” They say it happens because someone loses their way, forgetting why they’re here. In other words, “hurt people, hurt people.”

As far as the victim goes, they acknowledge that they were VICTIMS. I’ll never forget the first murder victim who came through for his brother. He said it was the result of “in the wrong place, at the wrong time, trusting the wrong people.”

It MIGHT help you to hear that one young woman who was raped before she was murdered told her mother, “While it was happening, when I realized he was going to kill me, the Lady came for me and told me it was time to go. She took my hand, the pain stopped, and I wasn’t afraid anymore.”

Many souls have described leaving their body that way.

I did a reading last week for a mother and daughter. Resa, the daughter asked if they could ask questions during the session. I told her that they’ll hear whatever they’re supposed to hear.

Their husband and father came through and kept reassuring them that he would be waiting for them when it was their time. The reason this is so significant is that this family is Cambodian, and Buddhist. They were wondering if he had already reincarnated.

The souls say that we come here as a community, and we live again, in the hereafter, as a community. We were a family there, we are a family here, and we’ll be a family forever.

We typically come back here to learn lessons, which can be learned there, but are learned much faster here. The reason is this life is SO DIFFICULT.

Which is why they say that the more difficult the journey we have here, the greater the reward we’ll receive when we return home.