"What do the child souls tell us about crossing over at a young age?"

“What do the child souls tell us about crossing over at a young age?”

Most of us have grieved the loss of a grandparent or parent , we also understand that in most cases, this is the natural progression of life. Those of us who have lost children have a difficult time dealing with a such a seemingly out of order & untimely passing. What do young souls tell us about crossing over at a young age?



A question from deep within… While knowing ” everything ” on the Other Side, I still cannot understand why anyone would choose their life path as grieving parent. Why would one choose this pain, this daily horror, this life shattering grief, willingly?



The sole reason that a soul to chooses to come here to earth is to learn a specific lesson that will enable it to grow spiritually so as to more freely experience and explore the Eternal Light of Love. Some of the lessons take longer to learn, some are shorter, but we know how long it will take to learn. When we’ve learned the lessons we came here to learn, and teach, we return back to the Other Side. The only variable are the circumstances by which we will return.

If the lesson we’ve come here to learn can be done quickly, which means that we won’t be here to live to be a ripe old age, there has to be souls that are willing to take on the role of “bereaved parent.” These heroic souls know the pain and grief that’s in store for them but they agree to do so out of love for the soul who needs to come here to learn as well. Since their grief is in direct proportion to the love they carry in their hearts, the pain of bereaved parents is a clue about the intensity of the love given, and received, on the Other Side.