"What a load!"

“What a load!”

I was doing a reading on Saturday for a woman from Texas. After the session was done she told me that she had seen another medium who told her that she needed to quit grieving the loss of her friend Jake because he was obnoxious and she was keeping him from “progressing” on the Other Side.

Every soul that crosses over finds themselves in a place of beauty, serenity, and peace. They might have acquired beliefs and defenses in this life as a way of dealing with the harshness of this world, but on the Other Side, there just isn’t any need to be the way they might have been here. When they see the harm they caused in their relationships here due to their behavior, their desire is to repair whatever damage they’ve done. The souls know this isn’t going to happen by coming through and inflicting even more pain during a reading.

People who, in this life, hurt other people, were often themselves, hurting. When they cross over, the source of their pain no longer exists, and they’re able to see what effect their behavior had on others, especially those who loved them.

I’ve been asked why someone in Heaven would want to come back here to talk to someone, anyone, they may have left behind. I tell them that the motivation is typically love. It’s love that causes a soul who may have hurt us by their actions to want to come back and say, “I’m sorry.” In all of the sessions I’ve done, there has never been a soul that came through saying, “Yeah, I was a jerk to you, but it was only because you were such a bitch to me!” There have been countless times when souls have come through saying, in essence, “I was an s.o.b. to you. I’m sorry.” No excuses, no reasons, no justification for being the way they were in this life. And there’s no reason for them to be “obnoxious” in the next.

“I was an ass,” from this soul, came out as, “I am an ass,” from this “medium.” In my opinion, if she really was communicating, with Jake, or any souls in an authentic way, she would not have made this mistake. What should have been an opportunity for reconciliation, became of source of pain.

Then to rub salt into her wounds, the “medium” told this woman to quit grieving because it was hindering Jake’s progress on the Other Side! Really? Don’t get me started … okay, too late.

Grief is the price we pay for love. Grieving is another way of saying, “I love you.” Unfortunately, what this woman did was to try to keep a lid on her grief by, in essence, suppressing her love for her friend. Think about it. She was repressing her love out of love, and this caused her to grieve even more, and to beat herself up for doing so.

When someone claiming to be a medium tells you that your grief is keeping your loved one from moving on in the Other Side, just know that they’re not getting that from a soul on the Other Side. If there’s such a thing as grieving “too much,” then the only progress being impeded might be yours, in this life.

The souls see this. They break through the veil that separates our worlds to let you know that they’re okay, they’re not suffering, and that they haven’t abandoned us. We are not alone, no matter how much it might feel that way. They do this so that, while we might not be able to stop grieving while we’re here, we can at least move through our grief, living our lives knowing that one day we’ll be reunited with those we loved.

Telling someone, as this “medium” told my sitter, to stop grieving is akin to saying, “Don’t waste your love on someone you lost; you’re keeping them from being happy.”

What a load. Don’t believe it.



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