We Hear You!

We Hear You!

I wanted to allow some time to pass before I told this story.  As long as I live, it’s one of those events that I’ll never forget.

One of the things I enjoy doing is visiting cemeteries to help souls cross over into the Other Side. It’s not like they’re hanging around being “ghosts,” and the reasons they haven’t crossed over vary, but souls have told me things along the lines of, “I didn’t see any ‘Light.'” “There weren’t any relatives to greet me and show me the way.” “I was afraid to face God. I’m afraid he’ll send me to hell.” Souls such as these may be here for years, but since they don’t mark time, even a hundred years seems like a moment to them. Still, there are times I’ve shown up, and souls will rush towards me hoping that I’ll help them reunite with their loved ones and with God.

One day I was wandering through a cemetery when I saw several markers that seemed to me to belong together, even though they weren’t all next to one another. There were three adults and two children. “Did they pass in a car accident?” I wondered. I said a quick prayer, and then said, “If you want to talk to your family, bring them to me, and I’ll give you a human voice.” I walked away, and didn’t give it another thought.

Two weeks later, I was doing a group session and, as usual, I didn’t know the people who were there or whom they were hoping to reconnect with. There was a woman there whom I’ll call, “Sally.” “I have someone here calling you ‘mom,'” I told her. “I keep hearing the name Brent (changed for privacy).” Sally acknowledged she lost her son, and his name was Brent. I went on to give her evidence that it was indeed her son, and then let her know that he was saying he was at peace.

After the session was over I honestly thought I saw her for the last time. The next day she contacted me hoping to be able to schedule a private session with me for her and her daughter. “I told my daughter about the reading and she kept calling me with questions. We really need to see you!” I had a full schedule but I agreed to see her and her daughter three days later.

When we sat down for the reading, a woman came through claiming to be Vickie’s (Sally’s daughter) sister. When I described the personality of the woman coming through, Vickie looked confused. “I do have a sister who’s passed, but that doesn’t sound like her,” she told me.

I held my ground, insisting that this woman was coming across as her sister, even going so far as to call Sally “mom.” This confused them both. “She’s telling me that she has two of her children with her in Heaven.”

The light came on, “Okay, we know who it is!” Sally said. Vickie started to clarify what the misunderstanding was about, but I stopped her. “Your brother, Brent, is coming through. Both he and your ‘sister’ want you to know that they’re together on the Other Side.” I could see how much it relieved them to hear this. Then I brought through another woman who also claimed to be Sally’s daughter and Vickie’s sister. “I’ve got to tell you, she’s making me feel as though she took her own life,” I told them. They nodded their heads acknowledging that this was the case.

Suddenly it hit me who these souls were. I stood over their graves just a couple of weeks before. They heard me, and brought their loved ones to me. There’s so much more I want to tell you, but I need to allow more time to pass before I do. The point is that the souls want so desperately to let us know that they hear us when we talk to them. They want us to know that they haven’t abandoned us.  They hear you when you talk to them.  Here I was, a complete stranger, and they made a miracle happen.. How much more eagerly do you think they’ll listen to, and answer, you, their loved one? Talk to them. They’re listening.



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