“‘We Are Never Alone’ has done something to me.”

My soul mate, David, is in prison for a crime he didn’t commit and he ordered your book, We Are Never Alone. He started reading it to me and, needless to say, it has captured both of our attentions! He read a lot of it over the phone with me [and it] has done something to me after 5 years of not feeling or just feeling pain – I felt different!

I’m very interested in learning more and I cannot explain to you how much [your book] means to me right now. I’m breathing; I’m NOT living, although I want to. Anyway, I basically wanted to explore more on this life and the next.

I wonder if my father is still close to me after his death 5 yrs ago. He died on Father’s Day and I had an out of body experience minutes before I was called and told he was dead. He has since then sent me dimes… at least I think he has.

When I was 16, I found my 50-year-old grandma, dead. To this day no one knows how she died except when my grandpa got to his travel destination he called her collect. She expected the call then died. Needless to say Mr.Quinata I have so many questions I can’t answer and I’ve had a very hard life. I feel so much older than I should and I just need to start living again. I hope you’re a good place to start.


Thank you for saying how much my book meant to you and David! When I submitted the manuscript to my publisher, I said a quick prayer that “I hope this book helps at least ‘one person’ who reads it.'” Then I hit send.

I cannot tell you how what you said means to me.

I can promise you that your father and grandmother are not only together in the hereafter, but they love you (notice I said “love” not “loved,”) are with you, watching over you, guiding you and inspiring you on your journey here on the earth.