“Those words were so Jake!”

I went to see Anthony about my son who was killed a year ago.  I was left with a broken heart and did not know where to go, or where to turn.  So many unanswered questions, until I sat down for my reading with Anthony.

He told me so many things about my loving son that were so true.  He talked about the night of the car accident and what happened, step by step, saying things that only my son would know.  It was like my son Jake was sitting right next to me.

I needed to hear everything that was said because when I authorized Jake to be taken off of life support, I thought it was too soon, and that I would never forgive myself for doing this.  Then, during my reading, I heard these words from my son, “Mom I was already gone. I’d already left my body. There was nothing you could do. It was my time to go.”

When Anthony talked about the kids, by name, in the other car and how they left my son laying there, at the scene of the crash, to die, I had to ask why.  My son Jake said, “Mom, quit asking why. It was just my time, mom.” Jake said,  “I tried to prepare you for this when we talked about me getting hurt and being safe.  It was my way of preparing you for the accident, mom. Please forgive yourself, and the other people involved. I’ve forgiven them. They were my friends. They still are.”

Those words were so Jake.

A week before I went to see Anthony I thought I had done the wrong thing by taking my son off of life support. When I left that reading I knew I could finally allow my heart to rest.

20 wonderful years with my son Jake.  Love always, Mom

Mary Laird


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“Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.”

Now I’m not one to read books that mediums put out because frankly, I think most of them are fake. But when my cousin said she had purchased the book and read it, I decided that I should take a look at it and see what it was all about. My curiosity got to the best of me. Let’s just say the book opened my eyes. It made me a believer in the afterlife again and in Anthony as a genuine medium. Melissa Pepples