"This is your life!"

“This is your life!”

Sooner, or later, every soul goes through what they refer to as “the life review.” It’s when everything that happened while you’re here finally makes sense. All of your questions are answered.

You learn that the lessons we are here to learn all have to do with love – for ourselves, and one another. The question you have to answer is, “Where’s the love?”

I’ve been told by the souls that during the life review you are surrounded, and supported, by the love of God, thank God. You see a panoramic view of your life, from birth to passing, and everything that happened in between. You see how well you learned the lessons you came here to learn, and how you squandered opportunities to show love as well. You see how your actions affected those in your life, and that even the suffering you endured had a purpose, and has a reward.

I’ve also been told that we wouldn’t be able to endure our life review if it weren’t for the love of God. The reason for this is that we can’t get away from ourselves, or excuse our actions. I was thinking about this one day and asked the souls to help me understand God’s love for us during this time. I immediately felt like a single grain of sand floating in an immense ocean.

Once the review is over, the souls tell us that we, not God, place ourselves on a “level” that reflects what we have learned during our life here, and what we need to learn, on our journey to God. The more we were able to remain close to our purpose while we were here, the closer we will place ourself to God.

If, however, we spent our lives creating havoc in the lives of others, causing them hurt and pain, then we’ll place ourselves farther away from God to reflect that.  I want to stress, however, that no one is lost to God. Wherever a soul places itself, it knows that it’s the starting point of their journey to become closer to God.

It is because of their life review, and what they’ve learned from it, that the souls of our loved ones are so determined to communicate with us. They want us to know what they learned, while we’re still here. An important part of their spiritual journey is to now help us, and guide us, on ours.

It’s for this reason that you can rest assured that your loved ones are still with you, listening when you talk to them, and are ready to help without interfering. They want you to know what they’ve learned.



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