They Put God on Trial

I’ve been hearing from a lot of people lately who are angry at God. I know how they feel. I’ve been there, done that, myself. So I thought I’d share this story from Elie Wiesel (adapted).


During World War II, Jews who were prisoners in a concentration camp decided to put God on trial for failing to protect them as He had promised. Three rabbis appointed a lawyer to represent the people and a lawyer to represent God. The trial went on for several days, and a great deal of evidence was presented.

Finally the trial was over. A verdict was rendered and read. God was found to be guilty as charged.

Silence fell over the crowd. Finally, someone asked the rabbis, “What do we do now?”

“The only answer that makes sense, the only answer in the face of reality, is that we must pray,” was their answer.

Who hasn’t railed against God, or asked, “Why?”

Losing a loved one causes many people to question or even lose their faith. One of the lessons we learn, if we’re open to it, in our grief,  is the nature of our relationship with the God we believe in.

Have you ever put God “on trial?”

Please tell me about it in the comments section below.



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