“There’s no way you could have known!”

Dear Anthony,
You have done 2 readings for us. The most recent with our daughter Sam and our friend Tara. It was very beneficial for all of us especially the girls.
We recently got your book and were surprised that our son was in it. We were even more surprised to see he was in chapter 23. What you couldn’t know, was that was his number in baseball and basketball in high school, and that number is on the baseball bats that my husband started making after Jakes’s death. Kids in a local baseball club wear that number on a shirt with the words Don’t Weaken in memory of Jake.
You have helped us realize that Jake is still with us and is still giving us signs. Thank you very much.
Karen and Vance Clifton

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“Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.”

Now I’m not one to read books that mediums put out because frankly, I think most of them are fake. But when my cousin said she had purchased the book and read it, I decided that I should take a look at it and see what it was all about. My curiosity got to the best of me. Let’s just say the book opened my eyes. It made me a believer in the afterlife again and in Anthony as a genuine medium. Melissa Pepples