The Most Important Thing the Souls Say They Learn

The Most Important Thing the Souls Say They Learn

Every once in a while I’ll hear from someone who, in their grief, have lost their desire to live. If this is you, the souls have been persistently insistent that I share this with you.

According to the souls, the most important lesson that they learn is how much they are loved. Not just by God, and the souls that have gone before them, but by those they left behind as well. They talk about being humbled by the love and concern, as well as the high regard others had for them, while they were still here. They say it never occurred to them how much they’d be missed after they crossed over.

They want you to know that one day you’ll be re-united in a world in which the pain of loss, and feelings of hopelessness and disillusionment do not exist. Until then, do not forget that there are those who love you in the here and now. One of the lessons you’re to learn when you feel like shutting down, and shutting people out, is that YOU MATTER.

God, and the souls, want you to know that you are loved much more than you realize. Finding the courage to open yourself to the love available to you now, while you’re still here, and grieving, is another lesson you’re being asked to learn. And not just the love of your family and friends, but the kindness shown to you by someone who might be just passing through your life.

Do this and you’ll find your reason for wanting to live again.

I love you.


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