The Darkness Before the Dawn

The Darkness Before the Dawn

There’s an old sayinig that it’s always darkest before the dawn. I can certainly attest to that. I’m going through a rather difficult period in my life right now, just months before my book is scheduled to come out.

Still, over the past couple of days the souls have been trying to reassure me through various means – such as phone calls out of the blue from a few of my friends, and a book I’ve been inspired to read – that I can endure this, and in the end, I’ll come out of it better for having gone through it.

I was just thinking that what I’m going through right now, this transition, is much like the experience we all go through when someone we love dies. We question, become angry, we hurt, feel alone and lonely; and in the midst of it all, hope that the pain will slowly ease with time. People come to me as a medium hoping that I can help speed up the process of healing. I tell people before I begin their session that all I can do is pass along what I’m told to by the souls of their loved ones.

One of the things I’ve heard in these sessions, time and time again, is that there is a reason for every thing that happens to us in our lives – EVERY thing. We have lessons that need to be learned and the reason we choose to come into this life is to have these experiences in order to learn these lessons, as painful as they may be.

With every loss of someone we love, we learn.

With every transition we go through, we learn.

With every betrayal, we learn.

With every experience, we learn.

What are we supposed to learn? According to the souls, the lessons are always about love.

I’m doing the best I can to hold on to this idea as I go through this time in my life.