The Angel of Death?

The Angel of Death?

The first time Flavio (yes, that’s really his name) cut my hair, I did something I normally don’t do, I brought through his sister, mother and grandmother, while he was cutting my hair. I deserved the haircut I received from him that day.

He told me during the second time he cut my hair that he had been praying that he received some kind of sign from God that his loved ones were okay, and that his prayers were answered that day. He also told me that he found a reason to live, and be happy, again. On June 17th, less than four months later, he passed from a brain aneurysm.

One of my aunts passed from a long battle with cancer, on June 28th. As you might well imagine, I fielded a lot of questions regarding why people die when they do.

“Why did Flavio, who was so young, and full of life, have to die so early? Why did God do this to him?”

One of my aunts posted on Facebook that her heart breaking as she struggled with the question as to why God would take away another one of her sisters (my own mother being one of them). I have read other posts in groups I belong to on Facebook talking about “the day God took my (loved one) away,” and the anger and confusion they feel towards God for doing so.

Several years ago I did a session in which a woman’s mother came through telling her she needed to started grieving, and start moving through her grief. Otherwise she’d never live the life God intended for her. The woman  kept telling me that she was at peace that God took her mother away from her when she was only 7 years old. “It was God’s will after all.”

“Really?” I asked her. Did she think that God was the “angel of death,”  or that He was so bored that in order to amuse himself he thought he’s take away the mother of a 7 year old, altering her life forever. When she thought of it that way, she broke down and a flood of tears that she had been keeping in for more than 30 years was released.

After my aunt’s funeral I asked her sister, “Do you really think that God is the angel of death, and that he ‘took’ your sister from you?”

“No,” she said, “I was angry and hurt and looking for someone to blame, but I don’t believe that anymore.” I was happy to hear that because, to me, it explained the peace on her face.


I’m in Erie, PA, now, and just this past Tuesday, I went with my friend Sheryl to a reggae concert that was held by Lake Erie. We went to a tent rented by a company for its employees to watch the concert under and chatted with Sheryl’s cousin, who works for this company for a while. Later that night, one of her cousin’s co-workers who was at the same concert, watching from the same tent, was hit and killed by a drunk driver. He was 29 years old. Tragic, unexpected, and unfair … or was it?



The souls have reassured me time, and time again, that when it’s our time, it’s our time … and the timing is always perfect. We may not understand the why’s and wherefores now when we lose someone we love, but it’ll all make sense when we go through our life review. They’ve also told me that after we’ve learned all of the lessons we’re supposed to learn while we’re here, our passing is a reward for job well done, a form of “graduation.” That’s why the “only the good die young,” and I’ll outlive Methuselah in the Bible.





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