"Someone love me. Someone, please love me."

“Someone love me. Someone, please love me.”

After Madeline Marie O’ Hare, founder of American Atheist, was murdered, her journals were revealed. One line she wrote, repeatedly, was, “Someone love me. Someone, please love me.”

A woman was doing a presentation when a man came in 20 minutes late. After he took a seat he interrupted her saying, “I missed the last 20 minutes. Can you please tell me what happened?” Those in the audience who arrived on time, groaned.

The presenter looked at him for a minute, then said, “I love you. That’s what happened.”

I was thinking about this yesterday while I was eating lunch in a fast food restaurant, watching people coming and going. It occurred to me that we are all carrying an invisible sign that says, “Somebody love me. Somebody, please love me.”

Then I thought about a woman I know who is claiming that she is responsible for me writing my book. It’s not true, but she honestly believes it. She has also made other claims which are false, which she also believes.

I realized that this was her way of saying, “Somebody love me. Somebody, please love me.” Understanding this, I easily forgave her for what she’s been saying.

The souls say that we’re here to learn lessons. I think that the lesson I learned yesterday is awareness of this invisible sign that we all wear in front of our hearts.

I’m sharing this with you because the souls say it is a lesson we all share, and need to learn, before we return back home to the Other Side, and the Eternal Light of Love.

Can you imagine how different our lives, and our world, would be if we did?