"So much for never meeting a soul who didn’t 'regret' suicide."

“So much for never meeting a soul who didn’t ‘regret’ suicide.”

So much for never meeting a soul who didn’t “regret” suicide, unless they don’t, first, experience “regret” but otherwise know that it was still yet a “mistake,” because suicide is not part of any soul’s plan for when they incarnate in the first place? By the way Anthony, regarding the mother’s question, “What was his life review like? Was he instantly healed of those issues or does he have something to do before he finds peace? Is he OK now? What was you’re answer to mom?



I just looked on dictionary.com, and this is how the site defines the word “mistake” – an error in action, calculation, opinion, or judgment caused by poor reasoning, carelessness, insufficient knowledge, etc. 

With that definition in mind, I’m going to respond to your comment.

As far as I know, no one ever starts kindergarten thinking, “I’m going to drop out of high school.” In the same way, I’ve never heard a soul say, “I came into this life planning to transition by my own hand.”

It’s true, none of the souls who transitioned this way have ever talked about regretting what they did. I’ve been at the bedside of  more people who were dying than I can remember. They never talked about regretting what they did in their lives, either. They talk about regretting what they didn’t do.

My father didn’t finish high school. He dropped out to join the military, something many young men from Guam were doing at the time. He served in the Korean war, and the Vietnam war. He was in the Navy for 22 years altogether. He was a genuinely brilliant man, but his lack of an education held him back. So he attended classes at night, studied, , earned his G.E.D, and quickly rose up the ranks, ending his career as a Chief Petty Officer. Had he stayed in school to begin with, he could very well have been an Naval officer from the beginning of his career.

The souls compare suicide to dropping out of school. We come here to learn the lessons that will allow us to experience more deeply the Eternal Light of Love. These lessons are learned more easily here because of the trials and tribulations of this life. The souls say that all suffering we endure here is richly rewarded, earns us a higher place, and more joy,  in the hereafter, if we can just hold on.

As far as his life review, based on what I’ve heard, he might have seen that he was loved more than he thought he was, and had options he wasn’t aware of.  He would also have become aware of the lessons he came here to learn but didn’t, as well as the pain left in the wake of his actions.

None of this would be judged as “wrong” by the Eternal Light of Love, and deserving punishment. Instead, he would be allowed to reflect, heal and continue on his spiritual journey on the Other Side, continuing his lessons in a place of peace, and love.

Again, as I’ve said before, while I’ve never heard a soul say  that they “regretted” what they did, they’ve also advised their loved one against doing the same. That should speak volumes as to their attitude towards suicide.

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