Smoke Signals

Smoke Signals

Could I ask you a question? I have been tracing my family tree and as I research I keep smelling cigarette smoke around me and we have a non smoking home.

Wondering if the research and smoke scent are connected. It has been both annoying and yet comforting as both of my grandfathers and my nephew smoked.

Thank you.

Wendy Covill

Wendy, I’ve been on living like a gypsy for more than a year now, but at one point I used to do readings out of my home, which was also non-smoking.

During one session with a woman whose father was coming through I could smell “Old Spice” cologne. So did she. Neither of us mentioned it at first, but when I finally did, she laughed and said, “That’s the cologne my father always used to wear.”

At the end of the session I said, “Now I’m smelling a cigar. Don’t tell me, your father used to smoke a cigar too.” She giggled and nodded.

Smells are one of the many ways our loved ones let us know they’re around; so I’d say yes, it is at least one of your loved ones letting you know they’re with you as you do this.

The question now is, “Which one?”

One way you can find out is to call each one by name, one at a time and say, “Grandpa _________, if this is you smoking right now, I love the fact that you’re with me, but you know how much I hate cigarette smoke, so please stop!”

If it stops, smile, and say, “Thank you!”

I feel your peace,