"Show me a sign!"

“Show me a sign!”

I wanted to know how we are sure we are on track with what God wants us to learn? My life has been so full of different things and they keep coming. I would like to know how do we see some of the signs we need to see to help us know we are going the right way?


Excellent question, Vicki!

I once read a story about John D. Rockefeller asking to be driven to the construction site of a building he owned. When he got there, he had to be helped into a wheelchair and wheeled up to where the workers were having lunch.

They saw him and respectfully stopped talking and eating. “Keep eating,” Rockefeller told them. “I just want you to know that I’d give up all of my millions to be able to hold a sandwich in my hands the way you men are able to hold one in yours.”

I had a friend named Mark who was blind, deaf, and also wheelchair bound. He didn’t have any money to speak of. He was loved by many, and he always a smile on his face.

God wants us to be happy. Suffering, and being unhappy,  is a sign that we’re off track. When we learn the lesson we’re supposed to learn, the fear, unhappiness and suffering go away.

Many people I’ve worked with, as their spiritual coach, who’ve struggled with what God wants them to do with their lives, are afraid of the answer they’ll receive; what they think God wants of them. As one of my clients put it, “What if I want to make my living playing guitar, and God wants me to bec0me an accountant?”

“If being an accountant isn’t make you happy,” I told him, “it’s a good way sign that isn’t what God has in mind for you.” When we finished working together he realized that being a professional guitar player wasn’t it either. It was a smoke screen so he wouldn’t have to admit what would really make him happy.

It’s this sort of fear is what keeps most of us from living our lives more fully, which is what God ultimately wants for us.

I would like to know how do we see some of the signs we need to see to help us know we are going the right way?

Just ask! I’ll share with you a method for getting a “sign” that I’ve taught to a number of people. And it works.

Whatever you’re struggling for an answer with, ask something along these lines, “What am I supposed to do here? Please show me a sign within (state a time frame). So for instance, if you’re wondering whether to leave a job, and start a new one, ask,”If I’m supposed to take this new job, please show me a sign within the next 72 hours.” Then pay attention.

You can leave the sign open, or you can get specific. Some of my clients ask for pennies. I had one client who wanted to know whether she should self-publish the children’s book she wrote, or try to get it traditionally published. She decided that a penny was too easy to ask for, so she asked for a quarter as her sign if she should look at self publishing her book.

A day later she was moving stacks of chairs in the conference room where she worked. When she moved the last stack, she saw a quarter underneath of the foot of the bottom chair.

Another client shared with me that he was going back and forth between whether he should get his current car fixed, or buy a new one. “Ask for sign,” I told him, without suggesting anything specific.

The next week he told me that he kept seeing commercials for new cars, and even received a flyer in the mail from a dealership saying he could buy a new car even if he had bad credit. “Do you think any of those were signs?” he me.

“Are you kidding me?” I asked him.

Which brings me to my last point. When you ask for, and receive, a sign, be ready to trust it, and act on it.

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