"Should I be worried?"

“Should I be worried?”

Hi Anthony,

I’m trying so hard to believe and have hope…….I’ve been to a few mediums and had no one come through…..why and do i need to worry?

Judy K

Hi Judy,

There isn’t a good reason why no one would come through during a session for you. My first thought is that there are a lot of people out there who believe that they are mediums, who really aren’t.

My second thought was that I’ve had two people who’ve come to me who told me that they couldn’t be “read.” Like you, they’d been to mediums before, and no one came through for them. The last time this happened was just this past June. When I started doing her session, her mother came through. “Why is she coming through?” she asked me. “I don’t need to hear from her!” The one before her had a similar response to the soul that came through during her session. In both instances, the souls pulled away. It was as though they were saying, “I wanted to talk to you, but if you don’t want to talk to me, it’s okay.” Both times, there were souls waiting their turn to speak, and they pulled their energy away as well. It wasn’t that no one came through for them, but the person that they wanted to hear from didn’t come through.

Personally speaking, when I’m helping souls reconnect with those they’ve left behind, I’m passive in the process. In other words, whoever “shouts” the loudest gets my attention. Whoever gets my attention is usually the person that the sitter needs to hear from the most.

Several years ago a woman came to see me, and again, her mother was the one coming through, “speaking” for about 35 minutes. Then I said to this woman, “I have someone else here. A young male saying ‘hi mom.'” She started crying and said, “Oh thank God! That’s my son! He’s the one I was hoping to hear from. I was starting to become afraid I wouldn’t hear from him!”

Her son explained to her that since he was with his grandmother since he passed, he wanted her to go first. “That would be him,” his mother told me. “My husband and I brought him up to be respectful.” The fact that her mother came though first was even more validation for her that she was hearing from her son. If she hadn’t been patient with the process, she might have walked away saying that “no one came through” for her during that session either.

The souls want to communicate with their loved ones here on Earth. The root of this desire is love, so there’s nothing to say that your loved one(s) don’t want to talk to you. You probably just went to someone who really wasn’t able to do what they claimed they could do.

To sum up here, it’s been my experience that no one comes to me unless the soul(s) of someone they love, and who loves them , brings them to me. The idea that you’ve been to more than one “medium” suggests to me that someone does want to speak to you. So, no, I wouldnt worry. You just need to find someone who is truly able to be a bridge between you and those you love on the Other Side.



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