She suffered so much….

Dear Mr. Quinata,

I am a 67-year-old woman who lost her younger daughter of 31 years to suicide. She was a very intelligent and loving person. She had a lot of mental problems which didn’t improve on treatment. She wanted to live very much but her problems overcame her. I am devastated and feel a terrible sense of loss.

I have bought your book – We Are Never Alone. I find reading very difficult because of my mental turmoil. I shall be highly obliged if you would answer the following questions for me:

Will she suffer because she committed suicide? I have read that people who commit suicide go to darker levels in the spirit world. She has already suffered so much that it breaks my heart to think that she will again suffer.

Again I have read that when people reincarnate a part of their soul always remains in the spirit world so that they are always available there. Will I get to meet my daughter when I cross over.

I am a middle class Indian and cannot afford to come to USA for a reading. Also though I can write English well I find it very difficult to understand English as spoken by you. That is the reason why I am writing to you.

Thanking you and hoping to hear from you,
With love and regards,


Dear Lakshmi,
It tears at my heart when I receive a letter like yours because you’re in more than enough pain losing your daughter this way, then to have people tell you what they had, further adding to your pain…. Why they do this is beyond me, but that’s why the souls are so vocal about this subject.

Will your daughter suffer in the hereafter because she committed suicide? The Eternal Light of Love (God) would have told your daughter, “You have suffered enough. Rest now, and heal.”

As far as your daughter being in a darker level, while I was writing this book, the souls told me something that was new to me. They talk about finding themselves in a “healing station” of sort, where they’re allowed peace and solitude while they recover from the emotional trauma they experienced that caused them to do what they did. That much I knew.

What was new to me was when I heard that they arrive in this place feeling as though they are waking up from a deep sleep wrapped in a warm comforter. Personally, I’m an early riser. I don’t wake up to an alarm clock, and when I do, the morning sun is just starting to pierce the darkness. The souls who crossed themselves over compare that to what they experience when they realize they’ve made their way to the hereafter. The light is dim but grows brighter as they heal.

When it’s your time to return to the hereafter, I promise you that one of the first souls to greet you and welcome you home will be your daughter. Better still, it will only seem like a second since you last saw her; and you’ll find out that she’s been with you all along, watching you, responding to your thoughts about her, and guiding and inspiring you while you were still here.

The souls have told me that reincarnation does happen, but typically after a long time spent in the hereafter, and the decision to return is a carefully thought out one. Don’t worry. You won’t find yourself there, asking to see your daughter only to have a soul snap their fingers and say, “She just left 30 minutes ago to go back to the earth.”

By the way, you do not need to see a medium to know your daughter is okay. Just talk to her. Pray for her. Light a candle for her. I don’t care what anyone says otherwise, your daughter is safely in the company of souls who understand why she did what she did, and happily in the arms of the Eternal Light of Love.