Setting the Record Straight

Setting the Record Straight

Someone on Facebook blasted me this morning when I suggested to her that she should write a book of her own.  She told me that she wasn’t going to do that because she felt it was wrong to profit from the grieving, and that I shouldn’t be either.  I just shook my head.

I wondered how many oncologists have been accused of “profiting” from cancer patients, or told that they shouldn’t be charging, especially if they’re gifted at what they do.

I love being an author, and I love my publisher, 4th Dimension Press. Because of them, my book is selling well, and it’s selling around the world.  Because of this a  lot of people think I’m getting rich, or am rich. Hardly.

Few, very few books, sell more than 10,000 copies. I can tell you, mine hasn’t. But even if it does, the amount of money I’d earn from the royalties, after paying back my advance, wouldn’t change my life.

It wouldn’t change yours either.

In fact, it wouldn’t change the life of the person working the counter at a fast food restaurant.

What I am happy about is that my book has changed lives. People have written to tell me that they aren’t grieving as much as they were, and some have even said that they’ve lost their fear of dying.

Several months ago a woman was complaining to me about a “free reading” she received from someone who is highly thought of. He described her African-American son as having blonde hair and blue eyes. When she told him that wasn’t the case, the “medium” became upset with her, and told her to be quiet. He told her other things that caused her a great deal of pain. The cost of this free reading was a broken heart on her part. “I thought I was supposed to feel better after the reading. I was scared and confused, and worried about my son,” she told me.

In order to repair the hurt she was feeling, I did a reading for her on the spot, and told her that it was on me. Even her husband, who was a skeptic said, “It was like he was standing there next to Anthony.”

She was so grateful afterwards, she insisted on paying me more than my normal fee.

By the way, I do offer free sessions, but to certain people in specific situations.

So when people tell me that I’m “profiting” from the bereaved, I can only shake my head, and think, “If only you knew.

Now you know.