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Schedule a Private/Group Session

What if you knew that death is not the end of life, love, or relationships? That your loved is safe and waiting for you on the Other Side?

How would that change your life?

Let me start by saying that before I met with Anthony I was an atheist and more skeptical and cynical than anyone I knew. The only reason that I saw Anthony was one of my best friends saw him and he asked if she knew someone by the name of Laura. He said that someone wanted to talk to me. My friend was a skeptic as well before she met Anthony so when she told me to go I thought I would go for laughs. I had seen a medium for fun before and she was a joke. I had no expectations whatsoever and never dreamed that my life would be so changed after my visit.

Anthony started by saying that someone was coming through and identified himself as a space engineer. Anthony said he was “goofy.” He said the man kept telling jokes that he would laugh at but weren’t as funny to everyone around him as they were to him.

That floored me as my Uncle Charles would call me on the phone and when I answered he would say “Hi Laura, this is Uncle Goofy” and that was his style of joke telling. He would always tell jokes that he would laugh at but others wouldn’t laugh as hard as he would. My Uncle also worked as an engineer for NASA.

Then a man came through that was wearing a coat which he was very proud of. He kept saying “I don’t know why nobody else likes this coat.” My father won a purple sports coat at a sales convention and I would always tease him about how ugly it was. He wore it with pride and couldn’t believe that as I thought it was so hideous. It was a stand-out moment for me as I will never forget that sports coat and how much pride my Father had in it.

My Father said that before he died my Mom asked “What will I do without you?” He replied “You will be fine.” That is exactly what was said one day as my Mom and Dad were sitting at the kitchen table. I never knew about this conversation and the wording was verbatim.

My Father said that I was a Tomboy and he always wanted me to be a girlie girl but he lost the battle which was so true. Once again, he would use those exact words….

Anthony has changed my life. I now know that there is life after what we know as death. I now KNOW that God exists and thank God daily for guiding me to Anthony.


Anthony’s note – As a psychic medium, I am able to act as a bridge between this life, and the next, for short periods of time. This is all that I do, which is why I have to charge for a session with me.

Camille has told me that many people who are asking about appointments cannot afford my current rates due to the existing economy. She hates the idea that people cannot get the comfort and reassurance they are looking for due to a lack of funds. So do I.

Book your appointment now, by emailing Camille at and inquire about my new lower fees.


Please read –

Sessions are generally 60 minutes long (however they may go longer depending upon the souls).

Sessions are conducted either in person or, due to Anthony’s travel schedule, over the phone.

To protect the integrity of your reading when booking your appointment, and during your session with Anthony, please do not give any information about whom you are hoping to reconnect with regards to name, or relationship.

The very fact that you are considering scheduling a session is more than likely due to the inspiration of someone whom you loved who has crossed over; and it is that soul whom you will more than likely hear from during your session.

Once your session begins you please say only “yes,” or “no,” in response to the evidence you are given. Questions are prohibited during the reading as well, as the souls see this time as their opportunity to communicate with you. For this reason, the less said by you, the more you will understand the soul(s) of your loved one(s) did in fact communicate with you during the session.

Anthony does not offer recordings of sessions, so it is strongly suggested that you take notes during your reading.

Please do not mention who you are hoping to reconnect with by either name, or relationship to you in your email.

Refunds are not offered but may be applied to rescheduled appointments. Once your session with Anthony has started, monies paid will not be refunded.

Book your appointment now, by emailing Camille at!