Reincarnation & Albert Einstein

Reincarnation & Albert Einstein

Last night I did a reading with a woman who asked me at the end, “Are you able to communicate with someone who has incarnated?”  My first thought was to answer, “Well, I’m talking to you aren’t I?” but before I did, it hit me what she was asking.

Her mother and father, as well as a few other souls came through during her session. She told me before we began that she had talked with a number of mediums beforehand. Apparently, one of them told her that either her mother or father had already reincarnated and was back here on the physical plane. I’m assuming that she was told this about her father since he passed away before her mother who had crossed over only recently.

So she was wondering if everything I was telling her was being communicated to me by a soul that now inhabits the body of a young child.

I told her what I had been told only the night before – if a soul decides to come back (reincarnate) in order to learn lessons that will enable them to diminish their sense of separateness from God, it is done after a great deal of time has passed, and after it’s reunited with all of the souls of it’s loved ones. In other words, the chances  her crossing over and asking, “Where’s my mom?” and being told, “Oh you just missed her, she left 10 minutes ago. If only you’d have passed sooner,” are slim to none, and Slim left for Las Vegas.

According to the souls, reincarnation does happen, but only after a great deal of time, and thought. In fact, some souls have told me that they’ll never do this journey again; that’s it’s just too hard.

One last thing regarding this reading. After establishing that her father was a scientist while he was alive, I asked her, “Was your father a physicist?”

“Yes,” she said, stunned. “It’s amazing that you were able to nail that about him.”

“Not really,” I told her. “He’s saying that he’s become friends with Albert Einstein and that they spend a lot of time together talking.”

I then asked her, “Do you really think he’s in any big hurry to come back here when he has to opportunity to sit on a recliner relaxing, and chatting with Albert Einstein about God?”  We both laughed.

I have to say, it was a real kick in the pants to be able to even talk about Albert Einstein, let alone see him with the soul of this woman’s father!

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