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If you would like to schedule a reading with Anthony, please send an e-mail to –


Readings are conducted over the phone and in person.


Please keep in mind, I do not offer refunds once an appointment is scheduled, but an opportunity to reschedule.

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  1. Teri
    Teri at · Reply

    Anthony, I just finished reading your book. This has helped me a lot. Thank you for sharing your readings and how you made the decision to stay your life purpose. I will be scheduling a phone session.

  2. Linda
    Linda at · Reply

    Hello Anthony,
    i am at my lowest point in my life. I just want to die and find some peace but i am scared of dying and living. I am alone taking care of a mother in her 90’s and without any money or anyone for help I am at my wits end. Please let me know how this works, the cost and time I receive.

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