“Is there such a thing as purgatory? If so, how do souls get into Heaven?”


When I’ve asked the souls about religion they’ve compared the various faiths to facets of a diamond, saying that they all show an aspect of the truth, but none reflect ALL of the truth. That’s the reason they refer to their existence in the hereafter as “The Other Side.” Terms such as Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, have a religious association that they want to avoid.

So when I asked them about “purgatory” they said, “It does exist, but not in the way its been taught.”

Many times, when I’ve done a reading, I get the feeling from the souls that they’re on a vacation that they were never able to take while they were here. I looked on Dictionary.com and here’s one of its definitions of the word, “vacation.”

3. Freedom or release from duty, business, or activity.

Think of duty, business, or activity our life here on earth.

They talk about life on the Other Side closely paralleling our life here but without the drama, but having all of the joy we missed out on while we were here. They also say that if there’s something you didn’t get to experience here, you can create the experience there as long as it’s in line with the will of the Eternal Light of Love.

For example, if you lived in a hovel here, dreaming of living in a mansion, and feeling like you missed out on that when you return home, they say you can create it simply by thinking of it there. Not only that, you’ll be able to live in it until you “get it out of your system” and are ready to move on to more meaningful experiences.

If you’ve created havoc and hurt while you’re here, you’re given the opportunity to repair it from the Other Side as well.

Moving beyond these needs on the Other Side, “purging them,” is what allows us to move forward  on our spiritual journey, and closer to the Eternal Light of Love.