Psychics and Mediums - there is a difference.

Psychics and Mediums – there is a difference.

Several years ago, when I first started coming to terms with my ability to be bridge between those here and those in the hereafter, I read something that said, “All mediums are psychics, but not all psychics are mediums.” While I didn’t want to call myself a psychic or a medium (I’m a large, thank you), I adopted the term “psychic medium” after learning that is how George Anderson referred to himself. That was many years ago when few people referred to themselves as a medium, or even knew what one was. It wasn’t unusual for me to be a part of a psychic fair and be the only medium there.

These days things are different. Lately, I’ve been hearing from people who went to see someone claiming to be a medium, only to walk away angry and even more brokenhearted.

Last year I was at a friend’s home as she gave a “medium reading” to a woman. Suddenly in the middle of the session the soul of the woman she was supposed to be bringing through came to me! She wanted me to interrupt the session so that she could speak to her daughter. I refused. She insisted. I refused again. She kept insisting.

I got up to use the bathroom, hoping to get away from this soul. She followed me into the bathroom. I agreed in order to get her to give me some privacy.

When my friend was done with her reading, I announced that I had to do something for fear of being stalked by a soul that had crossed over. “I know that you just heard from your mother (she really hadn’t but I had to find some way of starting the reading) but I have another ‘mother figure’ here insisting that she speak with you. Your grandmother is telling me that she passed from a brain aneurism or stroke. Does that make sense?”

Gina nodded, and soon her grandmother stepped aside so her mother could truly come through and talk to her daughter. When all was said and done, Gina was in tears, and grateful. “Now I feel like I really did hear from my mother,” she told me.

So what was my friend giving her, if not a “medium reading,” as she herself believed? She was, and is, a very gifted psychic, but not a medium. Like all psychics, she has developed her intuition to the point where she can tell someone about their life, where they’ve come from, where they are now, and guidance as to how to move forward. They can even tell you about your deceased  loved one, and  how that person died. Which is why many psychics will tell you they’re mediums, and even believe that they are.

A medium, on the other hand, can only tell you what we’re told by souls that have passed away, and cross over. Instead of intuition, what’s involved is “communication.” In other words, as a medium, if a soul doesn’t tell me something, I can’t tell it to you. It’s not unusual, during a session, for there to be periods of silence, especially in the beginning, as I wait for the soul to say something.

Secondly, during a medium session, it’s not unusual for a soul to say something that only you would know, or have even forgotten about! I often receive an email days, or even months after a reading, confirming something said that the sitter didn’t think made sense at the time.

One of my favorite instances of this was when I said something to a man whose eyes immediately filled with tears. “Only my wife and I knew about that. It was a promise she made me say to her but I couldn’t keep it after she died.”

“Well,” I told him, “she wants you to know she’s glad you didn’t.”

Another time I was bringing a woman’s father across who talked about being shot while committing a bank robbery in his 20’s.  She denied it ever happened until she mentioned it to her older sister who confirmed it.

The purpose of a medium session is to let you know that your loved ones who have crossed over are alive and still with you, guiding you on your journey. For that reason they might bring something up that happened to you just days or even hours before your session.

What they will not do is interfere with your life’s lessons and journey here. They can’t tell you whom you should, or shouldn’t, marry, what the next winning lottery numbers are, or what stocks to pick, or sell. People who come to me hoping to hear that sort of thing are sadly disappointed.

If someone is hoping to find out a clearer, more defined purpose for their life, or relationships, or work, I tell them to book another appointment with me … as their spiritual coach.

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