"None of the other mediums could answer my main questions ..."

“None of the other mediums could answer my main questions …”

I don’t visit in here like I would like too, I have my ups and downs. But I have to tell you all , Anthony Quinata, did a reading for me on wed, as I said in a earlier post, I had to look for cameras, the things my son told Anthony about the inside of my home, was jaw dropping!!! It was as if my son was sitting next to Anthony holding a very clear conversation. He even told me what my husbands thoughts were.
Now I do post a lot about my feelings on fb, but never my husbands, he does not even look at a computer, has no use for one . My son told Anthony what my husband said the night before my reading . Blew me away. Told me where certain things were in my home and who put them there!!!
I have had other readings, and I will not mention any names, but too me it was a fb reading,
It was all …about me, no mention if other family members, a lot of word for word from my fb wall. That saddened me, we should be able to trust someone when they say they are a medium! I had one tell me my son was in grieving school, not that he was grieving, he was grieving because he knew what his death did too his family. I was also told my son was rude, because he would not give medium his name and became agitated. !! That was NOT my son, it was guess work! My son does not have blonde hair and blue eyes, thus person argued with me, basically calling me a liar!
Anthony cried right along with me, he is a very passionate man, did not rush me off the phone when reading was done, went way over the hour that I paid for, we actually became friends! 
This man is the real deal, I would refer anyone I knew straight to him!!! As a matter of fact 2 of my friends called him today ! They were over joyed!
I have peace now. None of the other mediums could answer my main questions, “How did he wreck my truck? Did he suffer? And did he pass instantly?” But Anthony did, with that I have much peace. I have a load lifted from my chest!!!
Thank you again Anthony! You’re the best!
Sandra Hall