"My life was already shattered... then this."

“My life was already shattered… then this.”

Anthony asked for questions, or “soul cries”, and my soul has been crying since June. I explained to Anthony this morning that I’d been to a “certified” medium this past summer, who told me my son and I had made a soul contract on the Other Side, for me to experience the pain my son felt when I had died in a previous lifetime together.

My son died by suicide in 2012. He was 18 yrs. old. To say my life was already shattered was an understatement. To hear from a certified medium that this was due in part to a soul contract was incredibly devastating and has been a shroud around my shoulders since June 2013.

Anthony explained to me that this lifetime is about lessons in love, not pain. It has nothing to do with revenge, retribution, to inflict pain or “tit for tat”. Hearing this lifted that unbearably heavy burden from my shoulders and my heart. The chain of events that brought me to contact Anthony is proof of my son communicating to me through Anthony. And that proof, and Anthony’s explanations, are what is allowing me to draw a deep breath again.