Missed Messages

First, I need to thank you so very much for my reading this past Saturday.  I tried to not have any expectations but it was more than even I could have imagined.  It’s given me a great deal of peace.

When my husband, Bob, viewed it with me, he was able to help me make more connections.  I know you said you don’t remember most of what you tell me but I hope you don’t mind if I share them with you.  Also, I have a question if you have the time to answer. If not, I understand.

I said “No” to…

younger male passing recently
cancer throughout the body
New Jersey
a bad cook, a pot of food smoking or burning, or someone who smokes pot
the letter “T”

These all relate to our dear friend, David, who died at age 64, 3.5 years ago from lymphoma.  His family was in NJ and his wife, Twila, has struggled with learning to cook since his death.  He also was a pot advocate.  Why I didn’t connect these with him I don’t know; I think I was thinking only [my] family would come through, in spite of the fact that he and Twila are practically family to us.

You asked if my husband’s mother was a devout Catholic who prayed a lot and I said “No”.  His aunt was, though, and my husband was her favorite.

You told me my dad had come to me in a vivid dream and I said “No”, but Bob’s dad came to him in a very vivid dream just 2 weeks ago, so obviously his side of the family was slipping in there a bit.

You kept referring to a “J” name, John or Joe, or perhaps a “G” name such as “George,” and I said “No”.  Perhaps that’s my sister’s son, “Gene”.

My question is…I feel bad I didn’t recognize David coming forward or that the “J” was probably “Gene.” Did I miss a message from David or a message for Gene because of that??

Again, thank you and my best wishes to you and your family!

Dear Laura,

The soul’s messages are perfect. Unfortunately, for them, they have to relay them using a less than perfect and fragile instrument – my brain.

You’ve heard the saying, “Two heads are better than one?” That’s certainly the case when it comes to readings. I’m so happy to hear that your husband watched the recording of the session and was able to help you connect some of the dots you missed!

First of all, let me say what I told you in the beginning of the session, I’m passive in the process and we don’t always hear from whom we want to hear, but who we need to hear from.

Secondly, anyone can claim to be a medium, read a new age book, and tell you that your loved ones are okay. The role of a legitimate medium is to give the souls a human voice so that can let you know that it’s really them you’re hearing from. Whether you get that during, or after, the session isn’t the point. All they care about is that you get it.

And no, you didn’t miss any messages, but all the messages and acknowledgments from the souls are just their way of saying, “I love you!”

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