I’ve been busy!

I’ve been staying with the Clinger family in Erie, PA for the past week. A couple of days ago I commented, “Can you believe I’ve been here less than a week now? I kmow that to some of you it feels longer … like forever …”

“… but look how much has happened since I’ve been here!” Everyone laughed at the “forever” remark, and marvelled at how much we’ve accomplished in such a short time. Since I arrived last Friday I’ve done two small group sessions in their home, and helped them understand the sources of unusual activity in their home and the land it sits on. We’ve also gone on excursions during which I taught them how to use dowsing rods, and how to cross over earth bound spirits. Of course, they wanted to know why some spirits remain here instead of crossing over.

“Some don’t cross over because they’re afraid of being judged by a god they were taught was loving, but vengeful,” I explained. Some souls have told me that they didn’t see a ‘light,’ or that they didn’t see any loved ones who helped them to cross over. For others, their stay here is a momentary pause in their journey. Of course, since time ceases to exist for them, ‘momentary’ may translate into years, even decades or longer.

I discovered I was a medium while I was actively investigating reports of paranormal activity, something I started doing over 30 years ago. In later years I stopped actively leading investigations, and took on the role of assisting investigations as a psychic (I used various psychics to assist me with investigations throughout the years). Eventually, I stopped doing that as well; so this past week was also a blast from my past.

I’ve spent time sitting by the creek that runs throgh their property, reading and thinking, walking thrugh the woods that make up their backyard (see picture), praying, and thanking God for the family I’m staying with and the hospitality they’ve shown me; people who only a week ago were strangers, who’ve treated me like family, and have become friends.



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