"Is suicide a choice?"

“Is suicide a choice?”

Is SUICIDE a “choice” ?? This is very confusing for me and others. We are all so broken and confused. Many are in so much anger… I cant understand myself. Thank you again for your support.


When we arrive in this life, we come with a carefully crafted plan that is designed to help us learn the lesson we need to learn to more fully experience the Eternal Light of Love when we return. The souls say that we forget the lesson because if we remembered it, we would live our lives because we have to, not because we want to. While this amnesia is necessary for our growth, it’s also the source of a great deal of problems.

We come here knowing it won’t be easy, but we also know that the lessons we are here to learn are best learned when our life plan doesn’t seem to be working out. When this happens we hurt, become angry, and we hurt others. But it’s in the midst of our pain that we learn lessons of love.

Unfortunately, some of us turn our anger inwards.

Several months ago I received a question from someone who told me he was seriously considering taking his own life. He referred to himself as a “walking, open wound.” When I asked the souls how to answer him I was told, “Tell him to follow his heart.”

I remember thinking, “What the…? What kind of answer is that?”

It wasn’t until you asked me this question, Summer, that I received an answer that made sense to me – “When someone doesn’t feel good about themselves, their soul shrivels and contracts.” Just as newborn babies cannot survive without being held, our souls cannot bear up under the suffering we all experience in this life without feeling like we have purpose and value.

Several weeks ago I woke up hearing a chorus of souls saying to me, “Tell them it was a mistake.” At first I didn’t know what they were referring to until I recognized one of them was Jazzy, a young woman who took her own life at the age of 18, and who inspired me to write my book, Communications from the Other Side: Death is Not the End of Life, Love, or Relationships.

What they were referring to is the most important insight I’ve gained discerning souls during readings who ended their own life. It’s very important that we know that what happened was the result of an illness, very much like when someone passes from cancer or heart disease. The illness I’m referring to is one that brings on feelings of hopelessness, and failure, which starts a spiritual downward spiral, and the way out seems to be leaving this life for the hereafter. Those who take their own life don’t want to die as much as they want their pain to end.

Hindsight being 20/20, while these souls say that they don’t regret what they’ve done, they also encourage those they leave behind to understand that everything we go in this life benefits us in the next, and that there’s no easy way out of the lessons we are here to learn. In other words, I’ve never heard them recommend that anyone here do what they did.

Why? Because by cutting their journey short here, they realize that not only did they not learn the lessons they came here to learn, but their journey on the Other Side is a long road to understanding and healing, and much more can be accomplished working out our problems while we’re still here on earth. The lessons they didn’t learn here must be learned in the hereafter and there aren’t any shortcuts there. Time here is finite, so we learn lessons much quicker here than we do there where time doesn’t exist.

The souls in the hereafter who have passed by their own hand have told their loved ones through me time, and time, again, that they weren’t thinking correctly, and couldn’t fully consider that seriousness of what they were about to do. Because of this, no one is punished in the hereafter by the Eternal Light of Love – they are shown the consequence of what they did on those who love them, and are allowed to take it from there.

I’d like to end this by offering a small consolation to you. The souls of those who ended their life by their own hand tell me that they continue to remain with their loved ones as “guardian angels.” They also want you to know that nothing is impossible here, and no matter how difficult the trial, you not only can, but you will survive them, and that hope is as close as someone who cares.