"Is my grandson seeing my son?"

“Is my grandson seeing my son?”

Hi Anthony , I know you are a very busy person and I am probably taking a chance that you might find time to answer my question (and that is fine if you can’t). Here it is – I lost my son on Mothers day May 12 [of] this year very unexpectedly. He left behind his wife 2 step children and a son between them both. My grandson was 23 mos when he passed and has since turned 2 in June .

My question is, is it possible for my son and his son to be communicating? My grandson seems to be talking to my son all the time. He let us know almost immediately after my son’s death to pay attention to the birds. He says goodnight to him every night, and says, “I love you Daddy,” and sometimes turns to my daughter in law and says, “Thank you Mommy,” and she [asks], “Thank you for what?”  He says, “For taking such good care of me,” and then kisses her several times.

He often talks about people who are with my son, eg. relatives and grandparents by name, and yet he did not meet them they have crossed over years ago.

Yesterday he was throwing his stuffed animals in the air over and over when my daughter in law asked, “What are you doing?”

He said, “Playing catch with Daddy, but I have to throw them high in the sky.” 

 He brings up his Daddy at random times and other times if we mention him my grandson gets very quiet, almost a bit teary eyed, and like an adult will change the subject. He is a very smart little boy and while this is so comforting it also scares me a bit. Just wondering what your thoughts are on this?

He says and does so much, should I be concerned? 

Thank You for your time , actually just writing this down makes me feel a little lighter.


Dear Deb,

 Not at all. I have no doubt that your grandson is communicating with your son. This is an “ability” all children have because they’re so “fresh” from Heaven.

It’s also your son’s way of letting everyone know he’s alive, and well, and loves you all.

 Your grandson may eventually “outgrow” this as he gets older and discovers cars, trucks, baseball, and girls.

I cannot tell you how much I love your story! Thank you for sharing with me, and for allowing me to share it with others!

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