"Is my chid afraid on the Other Side being without me?"

“Is my chid afraid on the Other Side being without me?”

Do [children] get scared and cry that they want there mummy’s and daddy when they cross over? I am so worried about that because my baby girl was 4 when she left us 2 years ago now.

Does she see what we have been through? What we do and what we say? Do you know what I mean?

I have been worried about that.

A worried mum


Well, I have good news for you! First of all, fear, anxiety, depression, hurt, etc, do not exist on the Other Side.

Secondly, the Other Side is very resourceful when it comes to children who have crossed over. For example, I’ve been told that a very young child who crosses over is greeted by animals such as bunny rabbits, puppies, and kittens. These creatures will lead the baby to relatives who have crossed over before them.

Since children have just come to earth, the purity of their heart makes them closer to the hereafter. This allows them to adjust to their return home much quicker.

Finally, the reason your child is not afraid because she’s not with her parents is because your baby girl is still with you. This is true for all of our loved ones who have crossed over.

Your daughter came here knowing that her time would be short, because she would quickly learn the lesson(s) she was here to learn. Now, she’s back in a world of joy, peace, and love, doing what children here do, having fun, waiting for the day the you are reunited.


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