"Is he still angry?"

“Is he still angry?”

My husband committed suicide almost two years ago, I fought hard for him before he passed, as he was suffering from what we now believe to be PTSD, that occurred from Army deployments. A few days after he died, I felt compelled to get a memorial tattoo. It was an eight hour session and during the time, the artist informed me he was also a medium.

The two months before he passed were excruciating on me. The day before and day of were the worst, he blamed me for things I didn’t do, made threats to kill, and sounded almost demonic over the phone. I pleaded and begged for him at that point to get help that I only ever loved him. His final texts to me were asking to give our children money after he was gone, and the last was goodbye and f**** you.

I was left devastated and although I’ve grieved and asked all the why questions, I’m still unsure of what the medium had said, nor of how my husband’s soul feels for me now. The medium explained that my husband was coming across still very arrogant and restless. He also detailed thing that had happened or items coming through that lead to his death.

My question is; how can I know if he’s at peace after this amount of earthly time has passed? There are moments I think I feel him but I question everything. I don’t want to keep feeling that he still is angry, because up until 3 or 4 months before he passed we were very happy. I’m also what some call an Empath and can sense others energy without asking them.

Thank you for your time.


First of all, I’m going to put aside whether or not the artist was in fact a “medium” or not. A lot of people are making that claim these days it seems.

It’s not unusual for  soul to come through during a session admitting to be a certain way while they were here. They may even come across as is that way to me. The reason is that as they come closer to earth, their personality returns in order to assure you it is, in fact, them.

To get straight to your question, I can assure you, based on the thousands of readings I’ve done, that if you’re husband did go through his life review, he is at peace. The idea that he didn’t convey this to you through the tattoo artist/medium makes me doubtful as to whether or not this person really was what they claimed to be. This person may have been picking up on your energy and memories of your husband and passing those along to you, believing that they were coming from your husband.

Let me just assure you that whatever your husband said in his note to you, would have come from the deep pain he was feeling that caused him to take his own life. I can also say, with certainty, that whatever negativity he had while he was here, is gone. After his life review, he would have found the peace and understanding that eluded him here on earth, and placed himself on a “level” that would reflect his current enlightenment, and what he has yet to learn. Part of his spiritual journey would then be to repair whatever damage he caused in your relationship with him from the hereafter.

May I suggest that next time you consult a reputable medium?