“I’m worried about my daughter who committed suicide.”

Dear Anthony,
I have read that some children remember their past life which they lived just 10 or 20 years back (Ian Stevenson). So how will their loved ones meet them when they cross over?
Another subject unrelated to the above which agonizes me is that Edgar Cayce thinks that suicide is a terrible sin (might be I misunderstood what was written because it is difficult to grasp the meaning of what he says).
Since I am personally affected and am living in the hope that I will meet my daughter when my time comes and that she is happy and peaceful, the above-mentioned things unsettle me.
Please enlighten me.
With love and prayers,
Hi, Lakshmi!
Thank you for writing and asking these extremely important questions!
It is true that some children will remember “past lives” from a lived supposedly lived just a few years before, but my understanding from the souls is that is extremely rare. What is typical is that someone who crosses over will choose to stay on the Other Side waiting for their loved ones to reunite with them and guiding them while they do so. According to the souls, the decision to return may take years (I’m talking hundreds of years) to do so because they know how hard it is here. I’ve even heard some souls say, “It’s just too hard there. I’m never going back. I’ll stay here and learn what I need to learn even though it takes longer to do so.”
However, there, as here, the souls have “free will,” and some will choose to return here after only a brief stay there. If that is the case, there’s no need to worry because whoever they loved and were connected to in their previous incarnation, they are still connected to even though they’ve returned back here to the Earth. Keep in mind, death is not the end of life, love or relationships. We come here for one reason, and one reason, only – to learn lessons that will enable us to grow spiritually. Once we learn those lessons, we return back home taking the lessons of love we learned with us. And we return to our loved ones both in this life and our previous lives. We never lose them.
Is suicide a “sin?” It is when you consider the original meaning of the word. The Biblical word which is translated as “sin” or “syn” from the Hebrew word, hata. It was an archery term and literally refer to missing the “gold” at the centre of a target, but hitting the target.
We come here to learn a lesson, and we return when we’ve fully learned that lesson, and have taught all of the lessons we’ve come here to teach. The act of taking our own life before we’ve learned that lesson implies that we’ve missed the “bull’s eye,” or the reason we came here was, to begin with. Every soul I’ve heard from says that they don’t regret what they did, but do not recommend that anyone follows their example.
Is this because they’re in some dark place of isolation and torment? No. In fact, they’ve all said that God holds them close because of what they went through that would cause them to make that decision in the first place. But was does happen is that the lesson they came here to learn must still be learned there if they are to grow and enjoy the presence of the Eternal Light of Love even more.
You will see your daughter when it’s time for you to return back home. That I promise. She is happy and at peace. That I guarantee. If anyone tells you otherwise, put your fingers in your ears, hum loudly, and walk away.
If you read anything that makes you fearful for your daughter, use it to start a fire.
Your daughter would want you to be at peace knowing that she’s okay, she’s loved and continuing her spiritual journey in a place of peace. But every soul who has crossed themselves over has been unanimous in saying that what they did was a mistake.
I feel your peace,
Dancing in Heaven