“I’m still his ‘baby girl!'”

I’ve never been a skeptic when it comes to the belief of psychic mediums and the after life, but this was my first real psychic medium experience and its been life changing. Anthony changed my life when we first met for my private reading.

I sought his help for healing of pain and grieving over the loss of loved ones. I was really anxious and excited when Anthony told me a loved one was coming through who happened to be a grandparent who happened to have his name passed down to a son. This was exactly who I wanted to hear from!

My grandpa had always called me his “baby girl” growing up and he still was calling me his “baby girl”. One huge highlight of my reading was when my grandpa had told Anthony of a Valentine’s Day card I had made for him several years ago as a child. To be honest it almost scared me because I had forgotten about that!

Grandpa had made it clear that I was talking to him A LOT and saying many prayers for him.

I was then surprised when Anthony had asked “did you have a dog put down? He is wanting you to know he has that dog with him.” I had a cocker spaniel when I was about 8 years old who had to be put down due to an accident. This was just amazing me, and to hear he had the cat that my mother ran over in front of me at the age of 2!

Grandpa had also apologized for not knowing who I was when he died, due to his dementia and Alzheimer’s, but he wanted me to know he was so proud of me and how much he still loved me.

Anthony also mentioned to me about a stuffed animal with a yellow ribbon around its neck, at the time I couldn’t be specific of the animal until I got a chance to look when I returned home. I recently found a stuffed rabbit of my daughter’s with a yellow ribbon around its neck.

Grandpa made it clear that he wanted me to return to finish my college education since I had “dropped out” as he put it. With that being said he blew kisses and pulled his energy away.

This was not the end of my experience. Another loved one came through, who happened to be my mother’s dad. I unfortunately never got to know the man, he died in an accident of falling down the stairs when my mom was 17. Roger wanted me to know he loves me and watches over me.

I was quite worried about this part because my mother’s family has so much unanswered questions. A loving woman was showing Anthony something to do with her throat. With this I was asked, “Do you know someone who was murdered? Had their throat slit? Maybe wore scarves?”. I thought for a moment and couldn’t think of anything like that! It wasn’t until the next morning when I was telling my father about this that I was informed of my mother having a surgery for her parathyroid problem that had left her cut literally ear to ear. I was amazed at this fact, yet shocked that I didn’t remember such a horrific surgery being done.

I still wonder what my family has to say to my mom. I really was wanting to hear from her Brother Scott. Scott had committed suicide at the age of 26 due to depression and the loss of his father, Roger. I was only 2 years old and wondered if he had any messages for me.

Unfortunately Scott didn’t have anything special to reveal to me like my grandpa, but he did leave Anthony with a connection that he’d never seen before. I was wondering why Anthony was laughing until he said, “I’m seeing red vines around you! Who is the licorice lover in your family? I’m seeing red vine licorice!” This left me laughing too because it was my mother and my grandmother who eat Red Vine licorice.

This was the way I knew my uncle had a message for my mom. When I listened to Anthony on an online talk show, he described what the souls have shown him of “Heaven,” as most call it. This description amazed me. I closed my eyes and imagined what he was seeing. I also couldn’t believe how selfish I had been for being angry at God for taking my grandpa home. It’s experience has changed my life!

I know my loved ones are with me, and they’ve proven it. You can’t put a price on the messages they have for us and the message that Anthony delivers. I’m truly a believer that death is not the end of life, love, or relationships, as Anthony tells us. I’ve certainly learned a very important message on how to live my life full of love.

Thank you Anthony Quinata for delivering such a great life changing message!

Hayley Barnes