"I'm heartbroken after my reading."

“I’m heartbroken after my reading.”

I had a miserable mediumship reading today … so very heartbroken and disappointed. [It was] very inaccurate. I left after 20 min. she said things that made no sense like his fathers mother was there when he crossed over. she is alive and well [and] other things that she was just making up.

I was hoping for a connection… I’m so full of grief I hoped it would help. It did not.

I’m withholding her name to protect her privacy

First of all, I just want to say I’m so sorry about your experience with this particular “medium.” I was asked earlier this week about how to find a legitimate psychic medium, so I’ll answer that question again here.

“Back in the day,” it was much easier to find someone who find a reputable medium. It was known as “word of mouth.” If someone was legitimate, people talked about them. In my case, 98% of the sessions I did were referred to me. The other 2% were people who found my website.

These days it’s much harder because so many people are saying that they’re mediums, and may not be, as you discovered.

My suggestion is that next time you want to see a medium, do it the old fashion way. Find someone based on their reputation, rather than their price.

Make sure that they know as little about you beforehand as possible. When you sit down with them, give them as little information as possible. Personally speaking, when I do a session, I want to know as little as possible. All I want to know is the sitter’s first name. I don’t ask for pictures, names, relationships or anything like that.

Anyone can read a “new age” book and tell you that you’re loved ones are okay, and still with you. You want evidence. Obviously, you weren’t getting that, and you left. Good for you.

I’m truly sorry that you were hurt even more after your experience, than before. Please know that there are people who are legitimately able to connect you with those you love on the Other Side.

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